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I received (our second) Black Box on Thursday afternoon. For those of you who are not familiar with Black Box you can get some info here but in short it’s an in home marketing campaign where you receive a box full of goods to sample and then you submit your feedback on the products. Apparently the goods that you receive match “your profile” although considering I stated an interest in health foods and gluten free products I had a bit of a giggle when I opened the box to see so much bread. 😉

I did kind of think how ironic it was to receive a Black Box full of goodies right in the middle of The Ludus Transformation Challenge, I can’t even save anything for “later” as the feedback forms need to be completed well before my challenge ends. Thankfully I have a house full of willing volunteers – in fact I don’t think those biscuits lasted through till the weekend, so I’m guessing I’ll have to score those highly!

As I was sorting through the box for things that could go upstairs for Nanna and Poppa to put into the kids school lunches, Isabelle asked “Are you not having any of these things Mum?” to which James yelled from the kitchen “Your Mum’s on a diet”, she frowned and said “so you can’t even have one of the biscuits? They’re really yummy Mum!” I laughed and reassured her that even if someone is on a diet – they can ALWAYS have the biscuit if they want it, but in this case Mumma wanted to be fitter* MORE than she wanted the yummy biscuit.

You see I have what some people would term a “lax approach” to dieting because in my opinion you tend to want something so much more, when you can’t have it. So, for me – nothing is off limits if I really want it, I’ll have it, diet or no diet. Although I guess that’s also why I always need a reason, such as trying to win this transformation challenge to make better choices in regards to my food intake, because looking good in not much clothing isn’t as appealing to me as eating two helpings of dessert.

Speaking of not much clothing here this weeks photos …

(it’s the bodybuilder in me – I can’t do a weight loss challenge without weekly photos)

I always lose from my midsection first which isn’t as helpful as it sounds considering I store the majority of my fat on the back of my body, but meh I can’t see back there anyway 😉 lololol

Till next time



* I always say fitter rather than skinnier/leaner/smaller when talking to the kids.

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