It’s a sign I tell you!

Way back in June I signed up for this years NZ Crossfit Masters event – yes, even though I don’t actually go to crossfit or affiliate to a crossfit box.

I thought it would be the perfect kick up the arse I needed to drop a few excess kgs and get fitter, after all I had 14 weeks to train for this event – that was ample time to prepare, especially as I’d signed up to do the scaled division (which is far less technical than RX) as I knew I wouldn’t practice any crossfit specific skills (like kipping) AND perhaps more importantly I can’t double under and if there was to be any skipping they’d definitely make the RX division do double unders.

I hadn’t mentioned to anyone that I’d signed up except James (but I tell him everything so he probably doesn’t count) and in passing my coach, mostly because every single time I’ve announced that I’m doing an event I immediately turn around and get injured and pull out ..

If I’m completely honest I probably wasn’t even sure I’d do it as I’m carrying a few niggling injuries and for me, The Ludus Transformation Challenge is way more important.  I didn’t want to injure myself and put that in jeopardy.  However when the competition wod’s were released apart from having to bail out of the deadlift ladder way under what I “should” be able to lift because of my hamstring injury the rest of the wods I’d be able to work my way through with the help of a belt and some knee sleeves.

Thankfully I never entered this with the view of winning because wouldn’t you know it – yesterday I pulled my calf muscle (well to be fair, it’s been tight AND I’ve been constantly running on it) SO it was bound to happen – but honestly?  Now?

I’ve seen my physio twice and spent the last two days on the spin bike combined with doing high rep weight training in an effort to ensure I keep burning calories for my Transformation Challenge.   I think (fingers crossed) Saturday will go alright. I’m slightly worried about the burpee to plate as it’s a two foot jump, although to be fair when I did a run through of Jackie the other morning I only just got to the burpees anyway, so it may not actually matter lol.  I’ll just take it one wod at a time and see how it goes – I’m going in with no expectations of myself other than working up a sweat, burning some calories and having some fun along the way! <3

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