Goals – The 11 of 2011

Once again another year rolls around!

Instead of the usual resolutions, this year I decided to think big. Ive decided on 11 things I want to achieve this year and I have noted them below. I plan to mark them off (one by one) and will blog about how I get on .. hopefully I can make a dent on most of them during summer since they involve being outdoors 😉

  1. Compete in a Figure Competition
  2. Do 11 wide grip overhand pullups (in one set)
  3. Catch a fish
  4. Try surfing
  5. Try sea kayaking
  6. Try indoor rock climbing
  7. Complete Course 1-4 of Tree Adventures
  8. Complete one of the Tough Girl/Guy Events
  9. Complete one of the Contact Womens Duathlon Events
  10. Do a 10k fun run
  11. Travel to another country


Wish me luck!


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