Hello 2011 what do you have instore

Gosh it just seems like yesterday that I started on my mission to get my pre baby body back, but as the fireworks on the TV attested it was actually more than an entire year ago!

2010 was a roller coaster of a year for me.  I had the high of reaching my goal to get on stage before Elias turned one, but it also had the low of finding out that Dad had cancer, but we’ve pulled through and my family and I move into a New Year with hope and new goals to strive towards.

I’ve been thinking long and hard about my new years resolutions.  Last year it was easy and I pretty much had one ambition, to lose weight and to get on stage (so actually that’s kind of two ambitions), but it was clear cut.

This year I’m branching out and have picked 11 things I want to do .. it should keep this year interesting!  To check out my list go here.  I will mark the items off as I complete/achieve them and will link to the blog entry where I tell you in depth how it went.  The first entry wont be far off because Im going to surf school this weekend!  Fun fun fun!


I'll take the sunnies off this weekend

On the competition front.  I’ve decided I’m only doing one show this year, there are many factors that have made me come to this decision .. I need time to add some muscle … Id like to travel this year and I definitely want to spend some more time with my husband and kids, but I couldn’t see myself not competing at all .. so one show it is .. lets hope I make it a good one!

So, next week things are back to normal on the gym front .. these shortened hours are wrecking havoc with my schedule (including my blogging)!

Till then have a good one!

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