It’s time for “the list”

I have planned on doing “The Taniwha” Half Marathon Trail Run in November as my “big goal” for 2016.

Yes I had already finished a half marathon event earlier in the year BUT to complete a half marathon trail event – we’ll that’s just way more bad arse (in my opinion). BUT so far, I just can’t bring myself to click on that little “enter here” link. Why the hesitation you ask?   We’ll you probably didn’t ask – but since this is my blog I’m going to use my prerogative and tell you anyway ..

In short, I don’t particularly like doing official events and when it comes to running I even shy away those unofficial get togethers people in running circles like to organise.

“Hey I’m going to run 28kilometres from Huia on Saturday leaving at 7:45am – anyone want to join me?”

Umm I can’t, maybe next time … #tuiadrightthere

So it’s time to bust out the “list”

  1. The lunch looks nom!
  2. I don’t have to plan out a course – I just run.
  3. I don’t have to worry about logistics, turn up and they’ll transport you to the start line (then just run back) and eat the nom lunch!
  4. I can cross it off the “to do” list
  5. It’s a pretty bad arse thing to do.

Lunch (Sourced from

  1. It costs $$ (I could just go out and run for free)
  2. I’ll need accommodation (more $$)
  3. It’s hours away (by car).
  4. There will be lots of people
  5. The trails will be clogged and you can’t go at your own pace
  6. I’ll feel pressured to “go fast”.
  7. There will be lots of people

What can clearly be seen from this list is that .. A) I’m cheap B) I dislike driving long distances C)I don’t really like people but I may consider forking out money and enduring both B and C if the food on offer is REALLY good. 😉

Till next time





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