100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 36 and why we look fab

If you watch today’s burpee challenge episode you may notice that Anna and I look “ab fab” today and the reason (other than we do lots of burpees) is we had our lashes done yesterday at the Lash Room.

One of our fellow Ludians has set up the studio and they have a super summer special on at the moment. Yesterday as I was chatting with the lash technician Courtney she asked how I found out about the Lash Room and I explained that I knew Becks from Ludus to which Courtney replied ..

“Wow I’ve just about everyone I’ve seen today goes to Ludus, are you as addicted as the others?”

Obviously I said I wasn’t and that those other ladies must be those “nutty” fit ones.  I’m pretty sure she bought it ..

Although, I’m not sure what the other ladies said about Ludus because she continued to ask which classes I took so I explained I do 6 am and she asked

“What type of class is that – pump? combat?”

I tried not to giggle and I explained that we don’t “do classes” and it’s one of those places where everyone crawls around in circles on the floor and hits stuff with sledgehammers .. I’m sure Becks will get her into the arena soon and clear up any confusion 😉

The Lash Room currently have a super summer special on so get in quick!

(Then come back and watch today’s burpee challenge episode) 🙂

Till next time

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