The home stretch


It’s so close I can almost touch it!

Well I’m into the final leg.  I started carb depleting yesterday (Sunday) so I’ve made it through 1.5 days, but have another 3.5 to go *eek* pretty much the only thing that keeps me going is the fact its only a few more days and thinking about the carbs I can have on Friday.

Bikini arrived today .. its small … I mean it is supposed to be small, but to me it seems miniscule, Jo on the other hand will probably think its just right (apart from my fat tummy hanging over the top of it) 😉

The other big news this week is that I’ve joined up at Wolfs Gym in Henderson .. I love love love it!  All the equipment is brand spanking new, its not packed and they have two stairmasters (which have moving stairs like an esculator, that you step up on) .  Wolfs is owned by Mike who was a British Gladiator.  James my husband grew up watching Wolf on TV so of course he had to come and join up too, although the day he went into join he spent most of his time chatting with Wolf about their homeland lol.

Well Im keeping it short and sweet today, the lack of carbs is not doing my brain/finger co-ordination any favours and typing is slow going 😉

Till next time xox

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2 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    Julia, you look absolutely awesome – what a testament to willpower you are!!! Good luck with Saturday!!!

  2. Tania says:

    Well done you! You are an inspiration to us all. I only dream of looking as good as you! Best of luck for Saturday but regardless of how you go I think you have already ‘won’!

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