People are wondering why I’m running again these days and believe you me I often wonder the same thing ..

I started “running” with sprint interval sessions on the treadmill to help with my fat loss for the Ludus Transformation Challenge but that’s a completely different beast than “distance” running out on a road/beach/track.

I haven’t done that type of running since 2012 – that year I ran various races and even tried my hand at triathlons and although I hated running it was always my “favorite” discipline of the three, but to be fair it’s also the discipline where you are least likely to die. 😉

I briefly tried to get back into running in 2013 but it just didn’t stick.  I remember it was hard, it hurt and I hated it (more than my normal hatred of running) so instead, I spent that year being pretty shit at a lot of things, in other words I did crossfit. lolol.

Honestly, I’m not sure how or why I’ve fallen back into a regular running routine so easily this time especially after that very first run nearly killed me.    In fact, maybe that’s what it was – I was really shit .. you see a lot of times I can turn up to fitness events and just wing it relying solely on my base fitness and strength but attempting to run 8k’s really put me in my place.

So I guess I’m running because I’d like to be able to run and it’s one of those things that you can get relatively good at quite quickly if you can do it consistently.  Although I was never one of those people who “loved to run” I definitely loved the fact that I could run.  I’m still in awe of the fact that one day I ran from home to Pt Chev beach .. I mean how cool is that!  I ran 16k’s without stopping!

2012 (when I was an actual runner)

Gotta say – I also looked pretty awesome when I used to run a lot too!

Now I realise it’s still early days, I’ve only been running for a couple of weeks so I’ve still got at least another couple of weeks to get through until I’ll call myself a runner, but at least if you drive past while I’m out on the road, I’m starting to look like one. (Just a really slow one). 😉

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