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Last month marked the end of not only the Ludus Transformation Challenge but also my Sober October boot camps and since my November calendar looked decidedly “empty” I thought entering a fun run would give me something to focus on.

After checking out Auckland running I settled on the Skechers 6k event. Considering I’ve been running an entire two weeks and have yet to run any distance without stopping at least once, 6k’s is obviously still outside of my comfort zone, but as I’ve intended on running in this event for a few years now I thought why not give just turn up and give it a go.

The night before the run, Anna asked me what my goal was and my reply was to try to run the entire way without stopping. She instructed me to take it very easy for the first half and I should be fine. It turned out I didn’t have much choice in the matter anyway as I ended up starting the event way at the back (where the walkers and people with prams were) and it took quite some time (and zig zagging) before I found some clear space to be able to settle into a run.

I found the run quite hard with all those people around me and I will say that I prefer just to run in the early morning all on my own, as opposed to weaving around 1500+ other people as it’s hard to get into any kind of rhythm but it was nice meet people you follow online in real life out on the course and run through to the finish line with them (Greta) and once there, to be greeted with a bear hug from a friend you haven’t seen in what seems like forever! (Brooke).

There were lots of groups doing this run together and for them it was quite the social gathering but as I prefer to run alone I pretty much turned up, ran, gave Brooke about a million hugs (I did say I haven’t seen her in nearly forever), did a handstand and drove home again (in other words, just another day typical of training with some free stuff thrown in) lol.

I had been considering running the Adra 5k at the end of the month, but I’ve decided that I much prefer to run without having to share the foot path.

So, why did I run this event? ..

Till next time



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