The end of the road? No way!

We’ll I did it!  I got up onstage in a bikini just shy of my son Elias’ first birthday.

So .. is this the end of the road?  No way!  This is just a pit stop on my journey to a “better” woman, mother and athlete.

After all my story didn’t have a fairy tale ending, I didn’t place in the masters division of the Auckland Champs so this can not be the end of the road.  At first I was upset, but after all the messages of support I have received, I realise how many people I have touched with my story and how I have inspired other Mums to go out and achieve all the things they want, but have been too “scared” to try.  So for that I am proud.

I’m also determined .. determined to be bigger and better at my next outing .. I really don’t like loosing so this has given me yet another reason to get my butt into the gym and work not only harder, but smarter … so keep your eyes open .. because as Arnold said .. I will be back!

On the home front .. I’m going to take some time to put together all the programs that I have put on the back burner while I have been concentrating on getting ready for my first competition, so keep an eye out for those, because they are going to rock!   (And hopefully give you a butt as hard as one) 😉

Till next time xox

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4 Responses

  1. Tracy H says:

    You go girl! have enjoyed following your blog, as i am planning to follow the same path after my 3rd is born in Oct. Your an insperation! I look forward to seeing you on the winners stage!

  2. Jenny Nash says:

    wow! not even a year since the birth – knew you’d do it in heaps of style – well done we are all so proud of your amazing achievment.xxxx

  3. Eve says:

    You are one awesome chicky Julia!. Am super proud of ya!!…Can not til I have some stunning after shot…minus the bikini.

  4. Trish aka tastic says:

    I must say – you look fantastic! your an amazing woman and such an inspiration 🙂

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