The Instagram Addiction

Yesterday morning I overhead a conversation between 2 guys, they were discussing their mutual friends Instagram habits.

Guy 1 – All they post is photos of themselves
Guy 2 – Nods in agreement
Guy 3 – Sighs – Just selfies
Guy 2 – Nods in agreement (He must be the strong silent type)

I interject (because obviously Guy No.2 isn’t much of a conversationalist);

“All you tend to get from me is photos of the Skytower”

Guy 1 – That would be better.
Guy 2 – Nods

I found several sites that listed definitions of the word selfie (even the Oxford Dictionary now includes it), however the one I liked the best was found at Urban Dictionary;

“A picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to a social networking website. You can usually see the person’s arm holding out the camera in which case you can clearly tell that this person does not have any friends to take pictures of “


After MUCH research on the selfie subject, there seems to be a clear divide and people either love them or hate them.

I have mixed feelings on the subject, it’s probably genetic, and after all I’m of mixed race so nothing in my world is ever black or white. 😉

I love me a good selfie, you know the ones where the taker has been blessed with long arms and can get the camera angle juuuust right? It also obviously helps if they are beautiful. “My” Anna (short shorts, long legs Anna) is the best selfie taker, ever. (Like I said it helps if they are beautiful).

I however have short arms so have never mastered the art of the headshot selfie, which is why you get lots of photos of my shoes.

On the other hand I hate mirror selfies being able to see the phone annoys the OCD in me and don’t get me started on bathroom mirror selfies! Surely there has got to be somewhere less unhygienic than a bathroom for you to take that abdominal, bicep or leg shot to show off to the world.

But you know what?

I don’t have to look, I can just scroll past and move onto the next photo of someone’s dinner, cat or kid, or kid holding a cat while eating dinner.

In fact I read a post online that listed the 15 reasons why your Instagram followers hate you and I’m guilty of over half.

  1. Food
  2. Cats
  3. Legs (standing)
  4. Legs (lying)
  5. Belly
  6. Lips
  7. Finger nails
  8. Footwear
  9. Mixed (Combination of the other 14)
  10. Selfies (handheld)
  11. Selfies (mirror)
  12. Kids
  13. Boasters
  14. Art
  15. Duck Faces

Although IMO legs are legs whether they are standing or lying, that should really just be 1 reason and a mixed category?  WTF?

But nevertheless I’m still guilty as charged.

At least I give my followers a variety of reasons to “hate me” 😉

Also after looking through my instagram photos, the sky tower “thing” is relatively new, taking photos of my shoes on the other hand ….

Till next time





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