Day 72 (belated) and 73 rolled into one jam packed day!

Last night I was having a scheduling “meeting” with Anna – my plan was to do the 8.20 am RPM class and then Yoga at 9.30 am.

The 8:20 am RPM class was booked out so Anna booked in for 7:20 and then wait listed the 8:20 am (which incidentally she managed to get into about 10 minutes after she rang and wait listed – its fate I tell you)

In a *joking* type manner I said “I would do the 7:20 with you but I’m not sure I can do a double, I’m only new at this.   To which she replied “Yeah but we are epic”

Yes!  Yes I am!  Thank you for the reminder .. so I rang up and booked in for the early class too, cause that’s what epic friends are for – to keep you company in your epicness.  And yes I know we have matching shoes, its an epic friend thing 😉

So today started out with two RPM’s back to back (and yes it was sweat drenchingly hard – but I kept repeating to myself “You are epic do not puke” and I was epic (if I do say so myself) and I did not puke (nearly but kept it under control)  then I grabbed my mat and headed up to Studio 2 to do a Yoga session.

Denise from the Yoga Sanctuary takes the Saturday session at Les Mills and the session was A for Absolutely Amazing! OMG I have never wanted to be a yogi so bad in my life after doing that session. It was all strechey and reachey and balancey (yeah my spell check has told me that none of those are actual words).

The thing I found the hardest was when the “advanced” among us would do the advanced pretzel balancing holds I honestly wanted to clap and high five them, but that’s not really zen like so I just smiled broadly like some stupid clown thinking to myself – heck I wonder if that could be me in a years time.  I guess we will find out in a year 🙂

For any normal person that would be enough for the day – heck even for an epic one it’s enough .. surely .. but NO I had burpees to do and a double lot of them because yesterday I was EXHAUSTED and got home from work, literally collapsed into my chair and promptly fell asleep .. yep .. this body was spent!

So I got home and got straight into it before I collapsed once again ..

Day 72 I call punishment burpees

Then because I was starving (and who wouldn’t be after all that exercise) I grabbed a protein shake and an apple, sat down and ate then came back to complete Day 73 which have the happier sounding name of Rainbow Burpees

Which meant I was FINALLY done for the day .. so I did what all water signs do .. I swam, floated, swam then watched the kids do the same.  I’ve mentioned I have a great life …. right?

Till next time

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