Day 71 and this is relaxing?

If you are friends with me on Facebook you will know that I used to post photos of my shoes daily .. usually my shoes were perched on the coffee table at Ludus waiting for the class to start.


It’s been quite some time since I posted one .. so here is one just for old times sake and yes those are new shoes BUT I’ve gotten rid of the shoes I don’t wear and they now have homes that can use them so I’m pretty sure I’m safe to get new trainers since well I’m training again 😉

Speaking of training this morning I did RPM first up (fark me it damn near killed me this morning – the no air con didn’t help either) then I headed up to the main studio to do a Yoga Class with Vincent Bolletta and hoped that we would be doing some great stretching because my quads are like tree trunks – hard and knotty!

I nabbed a spot in line with the door so I could sneak out if I needed too = good, downside of that was that Vincent teaches from the floor so I ended up being in the second row = bad. You see as a newbie I like to have lots of people to look at so I can figure out what we are doing !

Anyway it all started out well I was a bit wobbly but I loved all the poses that stretched out the hammies and I even enjoyed the balancing poses. I had trouble holding the lunges for long enough but the killer was the chair pose sequence – honestly I nearly burst into tears. Holding a squat for that long after RPM – FML ..

It was like this .. but we didn’t do the one leg thing these guys do. By the third one I was hoping like hell we were going to go down onto the floor afterwards ;

Incidentally we did .. and I can see why Yoga chicks are so strong holding those static poses .. farking killer! Next class I’m doing in Saturday morning (again it will be after RPM – time poor people gotta get in as much stuff as we can quickly) .. I’ll keep you informed as to how it goes.

Anyway one thing that is ongoing is the burpee challenge – Day 71!

You only have to sit through 29 more clips 😉

Till next time

PS – the music in todays challenge clip is the song I always sing out loud when it comes on in RPM <3

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  1. Deborah says:

    You should try bikram yoga. They have less poses than standards yoga, 26 i think.

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