100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 42 and a (but not THE) New Years Challenge

As you may have gathered from my posts we have some pretty amazing athletes who train at Ludus (and I don’t just mean the athletes of the professional variety, although we have loads of them too).

It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to train side by side with people like this! They give you that extra motivation to train just a little bit harder and to stop a little less often.

Heck they even don’t hesitate to tell you off when you are doing things that you “technically” are not allowed to do (I know your just doing that “big bro” thing Mr Weepu) 😉

But mostly they do things that aspire you to “give it a go” like yesterday when Iz and I saw Kani do the rope climb with the ceiling toe tap.

Anna thought it would be cool to pick something that we would master by New Years Day (yes I realise that is only 20 sleeps away) so it obviously had to be something within the range of our current capabilities, eg – I wouldn’t be selecting a lever.

The “lever” – should I be worried I can’t find any pic’s of girls doing this? :S

Anna decided she was going to take on the rope, bottom to top, no legs oh and the one arm handstand – but I’m not counting that since she did it first go this morning, obviously one arm handstand was too easy for her!

Anyway I hummed and harred and toyed with climbing the rope like the boys (sit down straight legged on floor and climb rope in that position – legs don’t drop and legs are not used to help with the climb). I can climb the rope from a keeling position without using legs, but I can’t from sitting on my arse so it’s kind of an extension of a current skill and it would be cool ..

BUT how much of a party trick is this!

The Side Crow

I’m faaaar from a Yogi but I can manage a conventional crow hold thanks to the fact that I learnt when I was teeny tiny (in age – not size) at gymnastics and its all muscle memory AND I have my secret weapon “Brooke” to teach me so challenge accepted, you will see me on New Years Day doing this pose after I crank out my 62 challenge burpees.

I should probably select a time frame that I have to hold it for to be counted .. six seconds?  That’s how long the dude on the bull has to hang on for so it must be a totes long time! 🙂

So here we go .. Day One of the New Year Challenge

Oh and the reason I have stated above this is “a” New Years challenge and not “the” New Years challenge is that we have a biggie planned for New Years Eve – I’ll tell you all about it later ..

And last (but by no means least) it’s Day 42 of the 100 Day Challenge!

Big day!  It is 12-12-12 may as well make it epic!

Till next time

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