Status Quo

76.2 kgs (with AF)

Well as you can see the weight has stayed steady this week (well actually its up a little), howeverAF arrived this week, so I’m hopeful that this is the reason, although I am only human and hate seeing no change on the scale, even if there is a relatively good reason.

However, not all things have remained the same! I now have a new training partner, her name is Lavinia, she has just returned home from living in Australia and as she was also on the lookout for a training partner. Our mutual trainer thought we would work well together. Well the first time we spoke on the phone, we chatted for over an hour, so you can tell we get on pretty well (maybe a little too well as todays workout took longer than it should because we chatted so much). To be fair alot of that talk was getting to know you stuff and telling each other our life stories, now thats behind us I’m sure we will chat much less (yeah right Lavinia is thinking) so today we did legs and as I was telling James, having someone there definately makes a difference, you try just that little harder as you dont want to look like a wimp.

So its awesome to have someone to share my journey with who is striving towards the same goal and a huge bonus is that Lavinia also has two little kiddies, so she knows all the extra problems that come with having children as well as dieting and training for a competition!

On the home front, things are ticking along. This weekend Ive spent baking and decorating sugar cookies as a practise for Isabelles birthday, unfortunately I cant taste anything, so I have to rely on SD to tell me if they are any good, obviously he is loving his new job! I also decorated two practise birthday cakes (both I didnt like) so of course SD had to get rid of those too … lucky that boy has an extra fast metabolism.

Oh the only gutting thing that happened was I got a call on Friday from Allied Pickfords to say my crosstrainer was going to be delivered that day .. however it wasnt, so know I have to go into work on Monday and find out why and when it is going to arrive.

I’ve got three more weeks till I see Jo for my measures luckily Im trying to catch up to Lavinia (she is 4% leaner than I am), so at least I have a goal that I’m going to be seeing every day to keep me on track.

Below are this weeks photos .. till next time xox

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