I am the 96 percent

I started seeing these “motivational” posts last week proclaiming that you have “no excuses” as a 1 hour workout is only 4% of your day.

I thought … fair enough

Then over the weekend I was reminded about the 23/1 rule at a seminar I attended

The 23/1 rule basically reminds you that you have 23 other hours in your day and that 96% is far greater proportion of your day than the 4% these quotes talk about. 😉

So step one is obviously getting off your arse and doing a 1 hour workout – which is all fine and well

BUT if you fark up the other 23 hours it’s not going to do you much good.

And farking up goes far further than eating too much crap for example you could;

Not drink enough water.  Not get enough sleep or you could even train too much (yes apparently there is such a thing)

Get the jist?

I for one have a far greater tendency to have a have a problem with the other 96% of my day than the 4% (or 8%) that I actually train ..

Weekends are the worst.  My water intake plummets and I either under eat (because I’m busy) or I overeat (because I’m bored) #bad

I am however consciously working on the over training “habit” that I have and I’m making time to stretch AND do mobility work .. baby steps.

At the beginning of this year I grandiosely announced that 2013 was the year I was going to find my balance I have to admit I honestly never thought it would be so hard.

Get more sleep, enjoy more, worry less, stretch but also lift, relax but also train hard ..

Lucky I gave myself an entire year!

Till next time

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