How’d you end up with him?

Today marked a mini milestone in the relationship between Mr P.T and I

He’s managed to survive three months of me, swearing, procrastinating, sulking and even crying (although the crying part was totally his fault).

Yesterday I said I would tell you how I muscled my way into his life and heart (Because I’m sure I have to be his fav by now) 😉

But first of all you need some background info.  The most important fact being that my friend Clare has a wee thing for Richie McCaw – actually no, she has a huge thing.

You know how “all the girls” went gaga for SBW during the World Cup (especially during the “shirt” incident)?

Well not my Clare .. she’s a Richie girl through and through (hence the reason Yumes held up a sign that said “Hi Clare <3)   Incidentally Clare was EXTREMELY lucky to get that photo from us because in real life Mr McCaw is big and scary, mostly I remember the scary part 😉

Piri actually grabbed Richie after his training had finished for Yumes and I and he took the photo, he thought it was hilarious that I thought “the cap” was scary (which he is) ..

Anyhoo back to the original story of Mr P.T.

At the beginning of the year I joined Les Mills and started doing spin classes.  One morning as I went to leave I looked up and nearly fell over my feet when I spied  Mr P.T sitting in the lobby doing some work.

All week he seemed to be in the same spot as I left the gym so I had to tell Clare ..


Some time later when I was training with a friend we saw him on the floor with a client so I asked my old P.T Marty if he knew who “that guy over there” is,  he told me his name and said “he’s single too”.  I actually missed the “he’s single” comment and my friend told me later, I guess she heard the important stuff since she is also single. 😉

At that stage that was about as far as it went.  We knew who “Richie” was and if he was on the floor the scenery was nicer.

Yep that’s an actual pap photo!

When I got injured and I actually needed a trainer my friends said “you should train with that hot guy”

It made sense to me after all any trainer could help me drop a few kilos especially since I knew how to do it I really just needed someone to be accountable to and do my measures.  May as well make that person someone who is nice to look at (and you honestly do try harder to eat clean if you know some hot guy is going to pinch all your fat at the end of the week!)

However he may have caught my eye because he’s nice to look at but he’s kept me because the boy is an AMAZING trainer so even though I was being totally shallow when I selected him I scored big time!

Sure he does the eyebrow thing, he’s scolded me, he’s teased me, he’s thrown his hands up in the air in frustration,  he’s stood hands on hips with the Mr Stern face and he’s even made me cry but he’s also knowledgeable, supportive, patient and a bully when he needs to be.  He also cue’s better than any trainer I have ever worked with which really helps me when I’m learning new skills.

Sometimes even when you don’t deserve it things turn out great!

Till next time



PS. Right now I’m thankful he doesn’t read this blog 🙂

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