Gotta take the good with the bad

T-Rex and I obviously have a thing in common!

I’ve never been a big fan of training abs.  Even when I was bodybuilding and abs are pretty important I only “really” trained them if Miss Jo made me, otherwise I’d throw in a token set of 10 every now and again when I felt the urge (which wasn’t often) 😉

You see if I want my abs to appear I just eat less shit ..

Less shit going in means less flab over the midsection and less flab means you can then miraculously see my abs, simple!

Well not so much these days.

I used to train so that I looked good  in a bikini, on stage.   Months and months of training for about 5 minutes on stage in a shiny bikini showing off my abs (that I didn’t work on)

These days I train mostly so I can eat dessert, but I do also train for performance – to be fitter, stronger, faster and harder.

Having a strong midsection helps with that so although I still TOTALLY hate planking (and any other form of ab work) AND I still tend only to do it if someone makes me, I am putting myself into situations (like ) where people (like Shantelle) will make me do core work ..  baby steps.

At this mornings session we did (amongst other things) planks, side planks, side planks with a twist, front planks with circles and there were probably even more but my mind has blocked them out .. honestly who comes up with these variations!

I quite liked (as much as you can like something you hate) this one

This is obviously not me but I totally looked like this but I wasn’t doing side planks in what looks like heaven, all white and shiny.

No!  I like to train hard AND train dirty!

I was planking in a wet, dirty garage .. I’m hardcore like that 😉

But speaking of heaven .. God did give me some “gifts” to brighten my morning  first off there was a guy training near us and his P.T (Mark head of Ringside and Crossfit) had him doing prone holds on a freeform board AND to top it off he had to move the length of the garage while staying in a prone hold position

(Yeah another person doing abs in “heaven”)

BUT the coolest thing about this morning? NO RUNNING – yep none, nada, nothing at all!

Which means so far this week I have gotten away with doing absolutely no road running.  Sometimes life is good even if it’s because we have thunderstorms and surface flooding  😉

Tomorrow I’ve got Mr P.T and we are going to do some work on my overhead squat technique.  Olympic lifting is not something we do at Ludus (well apart from a deadlift) so it’s a new skill to add to my lil bag of tricks.

And while we are on the subject of Mr P.T I should mention its our anniversary tomorrow.  He’s survived three months of me.

I really should tell you all the story of how I “found” and decided I should enrich his life by allowing him to train me.

Actually I will .. I’ll do that tomorrow.

Till next time

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