No place like home

It’s been about three weeks since I’ve trained at Ludus due to f**rking up my wrist in a boxing session.

Apparently your wrist is quite a vital requirement to burpee, push up, or lift things – who knew?!?!

Anyway today I had to go into work early which meant obviously I was going to train earlier.

Since I had an appointment with my physiotherapist this morning who happens to be “conveniently” based at Ludus I stuck around and did a session.


Nothing like it!

The wrist wasn’t “that” enthused with my brilliant idea but we got through it in one piece .. lets see how it treats me tomorrow.

Got to say ..

I’ve missed my family and I still hate it when people wander behind me as I go to burpee .. some things never change.

Mr P.T said to me yesterday when I was having one of my “my heart is exploding just let me breathe for a bit” moments that I don’t work as hard with him as I do at Ludus

He said (and I quote) “Does Joe let you rest like this?” ..

Ummm Joe is way to busy to worry about how long I’m resting for ..

But I did think of Mr P.T berating me every time I stopped this morning (which was often as the wod was a 20-2 I’m TOTALLY useless with big reps any WOD with reps 7 and under is much more my style) and

On a side note I work equally as hard at Ludus as I do with Mr P.T my heart nearly exploding can attest to that.

I’m sure he will be glad to hear it ..

Till next time

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