Is Friday the new Monday?

I just checked the Les Mills website to see if they were currently running a “everyone come to Les Mills for free month” because this morning the place was jam packed!

Friday is structural balance day – I prefer to do structural balance work upstairs in the womens gym but honestly it was so chocca blocca full of women with their p.t’s in tow that I had a hard time scoping out a space.

I seriously considered bailing but I made a deal with myself.  If the main gym had room I’d go downstairs and train if it was as bad downstairs as in the womens gym I’d flag the structural balance and head over to HPU for my first ever benchmark Friday workout.

It was empty so I headed downstairs to amuse the bodybuilder folk with my single arm kb thrusters and snatches, my single leg box jumps and my pistols (weighted pistols – yeah baby!).

I don’t think the main floor inhabitants see too many crazy women jumping around on one leg because a few men just sat on their weight machines and stared at me (tip guys – that mirror in front of me means I can see behind myself).

I also received 4 high fives, 2 inquiries on how to do pistols, 3 people tell me they didn’t recognise me at first because I wasn’t wearing my socks and a lovely lady complimented me on my great my arse and legs.  I thought that was rather sweet because I was having a “fat” day and thought I looked like a weeble wobble. Note to self – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I drew the line at doing T2B’s on the main floor though, I left those till the end of my workout and went back upstairs once the womens gym emptied out.   When I told Kat I always do T2B upstairs she replied “You should do them downstairs so the guys can check you out, no one up here is going to do that” ..

I’m sure James will be glad to here that 😉

Till next time

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