This morning started out great!

Gym skills were scheduled todaay at HPU (I try never to miss a gym skills session) and the WOD was an amrap that was pretty straight forward except for the tgu’s .. I’m pretty unco when it comes to those. In fact once I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t even do the first roll to the side until I realised I had the wrong leg bent #duh.

Anyway back to the great – gym skills ..

I did strict chest to bar pull ups! Chest to bar! A for amazing and to top off the greatness that was chest to bar pull ups I did weighted pistols – Julia was on a roll!

I didn’t do as well on the AMRAP. Coach had set a goal of 2 rounds and I was short – I blame the double unders, actually if I think about it the 40 hand release push ups slowed me down too and then their was those get ups .. oh well I got to practice my skipping #bonus.

After the session I went to practice my biggest weakness, overhead squats (as you do) .. Here is my thought about “working on your weaknesses” – it sucks! #simple

I know it’s supposed to be good for you and I know “eventually” it’s going to make me not suck at doing overhead squats, but while I still suck at the aforementioned evil exercise it’s just sucks all the joy out of living ..

Enough said 😉

Anyway I’d eat a tub of Ben and Jerrys except I don’t “do” dairy and I don’t think we have Ben and Jerrys in New Zealand so I did the next best thing .. I bought shoes!

Shoes make everything better ..

Till next time

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