Finding my fit

There are some days I seriously consider giving up Crossfit.

I’ve been incorporating ideas from A Gym Life’s Blog like doing double unders every day, doing a few strict pull ups every day, working mobility often and the obvious one “working on my weaknesses”

Don’t get me wrong, I squeel with delight when I manage to string 1 more rep onto my double under pb, I get that “yeah baby” feeling when I can hold a handstand and move in a forward direction and I’m TOTALLY loving structural balance.

But honestly for a workout that is so varied you would think that by now I would have found my “niche” – is it too much to ask to be good at something?

This morning I was going to go to Ludus, I wanted to “go back to basics” and have a long, hard, sweaty workout. Crossfit WOD’s tend to be really short (in the scheme of things) and can be quite technical and the one thing I really miss about not going to Ludus is the endurance sessions that leave you lying on the floor thinking “wtf just happened?”

However Anna had text and said she was in charge of the afternoon session and asked if I could go to that one so I went with what was originally scheduled for my morning which was a HPU mobility/endurance session which would allow me some time prior to practice some Olympic lifts.

I’ve never done a Wednesday session at HPU as Wednesdays were usually a Mr P.T day so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The mobility part was awesome (well as awesome as using an Olympic bar to knead out your legs can get) and I picked up a few new “tricks” that I’m going to continue to use in my daily mobility routine.

The sign God sent to tell me that it was going to be alright was when I found out that the wod included BEAR CRAWLS!

A little piece of home away from home <3

It was a straight forward endurance session. 3 minute unbroken sets which included some of my “old faithfuls” like kb snatches and burpees with a 1 minute recovery/change over and in the end you did each set twice and the aim was to beat your previous round.

I was dripping with sweat and gasping for air .. now that is my kind of workout! After the session Coach (Dave) said “How’d you find that?” my reply? ..

Awesome! I have one speed – slow – so endurance is right up my alley!

I guess I’ve finally found my “niche” 😉

Till next time


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