37 Weeks

I came across an interesting thread on Oh Baby yesterday.  The thread was in the photo gallery (which is a restricted section) and contained before and after shots of women from pregnancy to now.   That thread made me extremely curious so I had a hunt through my pregnancy photos (although because this was my second pregnancy I didn’t take as many as with Isabelle) and then counted how many weeks its been since I gave birth so that I could compare.

So it will be 37 weeks tomorrow (so I’m using Saturday’s photo as I’m sure it’s pretty close to what I will look like tomorrow) and then I found a photo from when I was 37 weeks pregnant and I was quite surprised by the difference!

I honestly don’t recall being that big, and the scarier thing is that I got even bigger, by 40 weeks I look like a helium balloon, I do recall not feeling like a helium balloon however, more like a lead one. 😉

Isn’t the body a fascinating machine … expanding to accommodate a little person, then slowly shrinking back into the pre baby shape that it once was.  Although I loved being pregnant when I see photos like that it brings back all the memories of hands under the tummy to help lug it around, the aching back, the sore feet, not being able to sleep and I must admit I’m glad that I’ve shut up shop and I have my body back now.

I never realised just how much I missed exercising and feeling fit and healthy and sexy (well sexyish, Im still getting to sexy lol).  But even though I’m tired and sometimes I’m hungry, I can honestly say I’m happy .. and a happy Mum = a happy household, and what more can a family want? 🙂

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  1. pepsi says:

    Wow that is an impressive bump, but an even more impressive slim down! 🙂

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