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I’ve always “had a thing” for yoga, I admire the strength, flexibility and physiques of yogi’s and I’ve always wanted to be “just like them” (but maybe a tad more muscular) 😉

However I’ve never found a way to make yoga fit into my lifestyle, I’ve always had to change my lifestyle to incorporate yoga and as such, it’s always ended up in the “it’s all too hard” basket because “the studio is too far away”, “the classes don’t fit my schedule” or even “I don’t have the extra cash this week”.  In short I made other things a priority.

Last month however along with the one yoga class that did fit in with my schedule I completed the #mayibeginyoga Instagram challenge. 

All it entailed was completing one yoga pose a day and photographing it and although I had some slip up’s along the way, in the end I managed to successfully complete all 31 poses and even Issy decided she would get in the action and did a major catch up on Day 28 to be able to complete the final few days with me.

This month I had planned on completing two Instagram challenges, #mermaidyogis (as it looks achievable AND day 30 is one of my goal poses) and the #summersplitschallenge (because it looks way above my skill level so it’s an “actual challenge”)

However, although one pose (or even two)  a day was a good start to get me back in the habit, this month I wanted more.  I wanted to do more than 1-2 poses but I didn’t want to commit an hour a day. Then just by chance I came across the 30-Day Yoga Challenge by with Erin Motz which is a yoga challenge consisting of  30 days of yoga in 10-20 minute long online video sessions. 


Today Issy and I followed Erins instructions and worked our way through Day 1’s practice which was a hip opening sequence.  The instruction was simple enough for a six year old to follow and short enough that the six year old didn’t get bored or puffed out (like she did when I took her to Lulu) and the 40 something year old thought it was “just right” too, although holding a pigeon pose for 1 minute on each side has never been one of the greatest joys in my life ..

I guess I view yoga like chocolate, a small taste that leaves me wanting more is better than devouring the entire block ..

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  1. G says:

    You might like It’s 15 bucks a month and you can find video classes at lengths from 10 mins to 2 hours and at all skill levels in a range of styles.

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