Groovy Baby!

69.2 kgs I did it! 

Finally back into the 60’s which was my first “major goal”, my normal weight is between 65-68 depending on how much muscle I am carrying, so at the start of my weight loss journey my first aim was to get back into the 60’s so to say I am ecstatic is an understatement.

So my next goal is to get to 65 which should enable me to fit into all my pre pregnancy clothing … it will be like having a huge shopping spree (yes I have loads of clothes, I used to have disposable income before having children) 😉

This week has been pretty hectic and to make it worse my darling children gave me their colds so I’ve sounded like a walrus all week and felt drained to the bone!  Today I’m feeling better, so hopefully my body has found the energy to get rid of what ever virus decided to set up home inside me. 

I’m looking forward to training this week, the only reason being I’m starting to feel better, so I’m hoping training won’t feel like the drag it has this week! On another exciting note, I’ve FINALLY managed to complete the two workouts I’ve been developing for helping new Mums get their post baby bodies back .. today I was trying to take the last of the photos and Issy decided she wanted to exercise too, suffice to say the photo shoot developed into a laugh fest and we gave up and decided to finish the shots off once Miss hog the limelight went to bed. 🙂

Till next time xox

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3 Responses

  1. Dal says:

    Awesome! Looking HOT! Have you got more tatoos?

  2. Dal says:

    Ps/ Can we please have a photo of your biggest beside this weeks 60’s photo please! x

  3. feminine fitness says:

    No, not more tattoos … just a smaller top 😉 lol

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