Being less of a hater

Tuesday is “run day” and today is Tuesday, which doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes level of deduction to work out that today I “ran”.

Gotta say …

Didn’t hate it …

Well, let me quantify – apart from when I was barely moving up Franklin Road I didn’t hate it, in fact at times (eg when I was running DOWN hill) I vaguely remembered why I used to run regularly, well other than the fact I like to eat pancakes smothered with maple syrup regularly.

I’m following advice of those more knowledgeable than I in the running domain and I haven’t been pushing myself too far, too hard or too fast (fast lol I doubt we will ever have a problem with that).

Today I was doing run/walk intervals. 1 minute on 1 minute off, although I did continue one of my 1 minute run intervals longer as I’d just turned into Shelly Beach Road when the “buzzer” went off and I figured a leisurely run downhill was just like a walking interval. In fact it’s the only time that I’ve actually understood the term take your rest during the run. 😉

Anyway after the initial shock of “running” up Franklin Road I was feeling good, my earbuds stayed in (I hate it when they “pull”) and I was breathing somewhat normally, I even tried to keep my arms “train like” instead of having them swing across my body like Mr P.T taught me.

Then as I neared Westhaven Marina I got distracted whilst trying to navigate all the road works and I tripped up on the curb and rolled over on my ankle .. FML.

I literally (yes I know that word can ruin my sentence) BUT I did literally stand in the middle of the road like a pink flamingo for a few seconds thinking to myself “No! No! This can’t be happening – I’m cursed! I knew I shouldn’t have told anyone I’m competing! I’m cursed!” then I tentatively put my foot on the ground.

Hmmm ok, it hurts but I can weight bear – that’s good ..

The inner dialogue continued, “let’s try walking for a bit, I’m sure I could make it to my work that’s not far from here”. I walked old lady like to Saint Marys Bay and took a moment to take in the beauty of the morning before deciding what to do next.

“Julia, your foot is feeling much better now, It was probably just the shock. Try 1 minute on, 1 minute off again, if it hurts you can stop”

To cut a long story short – 5k’s done and dusted.

It was actually more painful once I stopped (as would be expected) but I’ll take it easy and see how it’s feeling on my next scheduled run day. I may have to push run day back a couple of days and you know what?

I’m actually quite disappointed..

I may not (yet) love to run, but I think I’ve moved on from hating it. I guess this week it’s in the “tolerable” pile. 😉

Till next time





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