Ahhh what a difference some eye candy makes!

Some of you may wonder, how do you do it?  Train day in day out morning and night seven days a week. 

Well mostly I do it out of necessity, 15 weeks is not a long length of time and I need every second of those 15 weeks to shift the rest of the chocolate, bread and chips I consumed while I was pregnant!

Thankfully, Lavinia and I have found something that helps us find that extra motivation to stay in the gym.  I bet your thinking, wow, whatever it is, she should bottle and sell it, because a reason to train longer and harder is a rare commodity!  Unfortunately I can’t, because its not a what, its a who. 🙂

Now of course, I’m only looking, because I have my own piece of prime beef at home, who will change nappies and put up with me when I’m tired and carb deprived, and ladies, if you can find yourself one of those, don’t let go!  But there is no harm in eyeing up a lovely specimen of a man.  

Actually I noticed him because Lavinia is single and quite often asks “What does he look like?” because she cant see across the gym with her bad eye sight, so I guess we have her crap eyes to thank for finding him. I’m pretty sure he knows we are checking him out, if he doesn’t he is both deaf and blind because we both let out audible sighs when he walks in the door, followed by giggles and fertive glances, of course this is all in between sets .. first things first! 

Anyway I keep stressing to Lavinia that eye candy MUST remain just that, don’t talk to them, don’t find out their name, do not befriend them, it just changes everything, they then become real people, we cant have that, they must remain “out of reach” .. if you don’t have anything to strive for, whats the point 😉

Till next time xox

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2 Responses

  1. Eve says:

    Lmfao….that is so true!…The “mystery” adds to it I think. No eye candy at my gym…unless you’re lesbian or bi!…then again I have a whole lotta sport science guys on campus!…that’s gonna be my eye candy motivation 😀

  2. Jenny N says:

    tee hee hee none at mine im afraid, sigh!!

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