Monday? Again? Already? ..

This morning at Ludus I realized something. Every weekend I “drop the ball”, I lose focus and “I definitely take my eye off the prize” and enjoy one chocolate too many or relax when I should be moving. But that’s the thing, I don’t have “a prize”.

After I had Elias my goal was to drop the baby weight and stand on stage.  Mission completed, tick the box.

The next goal was to compete in another competition, look better (in my opinion) and try to win.  Once again, mission complete another tick in the box.

Since then .. I’m just aimless.  Sure I have teeny goals like get my arse out of bed and move it (and I’m doing pretty good on that front) but big goals?  Nada.

My friend Debby Simms said something the other day that really hit home …

I think I could be the same.   The goal of “looking good” is only going to get me through doing a million burpees each morning for so long, especially since “looking good” seems to be a never ending journey for me, no matter what I look like its never quite good enough .. (but thats a WHOLE other issue and blog post) 😉

Don’t get me wrong, its not like I haven’t been thinking about what is ahead .. what I want to do from here, what grand things I want to accomplish.  I just haven’t come up with anything yet.

There are things that I have done, crossed off the “bucket list” and never want to do again (take the the mud run  for example lol) which is probably why I always return to the stage .. it has a date driven finish line and parading in a tiny bikini tends to make it easier to find the motivation to move your arse and put less junk in your gob. 😉

So I shall keep you all posted!  Summer is coming, so I guess that means beach weather .. mini goal?  And there are perky boobies to purchase, that requires a drop in weight too (less weight means you heal quicker) and we all know how much I really want those perky boobies!  If only I could stop Elias from breaking everything in our house .. my savings would be astronomical and I’d have those boobies by now.  Lucky he is so damn cute, otherwise I’d sell him on Trade Me 😉

Anyway .. while I get on with planning out my life I shall leave you with some eye candy to peruse.

CLUE TWO: He is six foot one inch tall and is one year younger than I am.

Till next time

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  1. Susan says:

    I’m right there with you Julia! Your goal-less friend,Susan.

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