Scars are a sign you are willing to fight

Yesterday was strength day.

I had finished the “workout proper” and was just waiting for a bar to free up so that I could do my “finisher” which is a gym strength test.

Yesterday it was Toes to Bar – 50 of them with a 5 min cut off (and no I didn’t make the cut off – close though, next time I’ll get it).

Anyway while I was standing in the middle of the room looking back and forth between the two bars waiting to pounce as soon as the occupants so much as took one step away from it Kat walked in and said “You did cleans this morning .. ” It wasn’t a question more of a “I know what you did before I got here” kind of remark.

I must have looked amazed that she can see through time and walls because she then pointed at my collar bones. They had given me away by the fact they were bright red.

I’m ok with being battered and bruised, it shows that I’m willing to get out there and give it a go. Sometimes I win, sometimes I fall on my arse.  At the moment I’ve got all of these “battle scars” except the kb snatch and the double under whip marks.

However the whip marks will be coming ..

I bought a lighter (so therefore quicker) rope the other day and so as outlined in   I’ve been doing double unders every day.    Actually a more accurate description would be to say I’ve been doing a lot of “a single double unders” today was the first time I’d actually managed to connect some together (seven) but I did manage to do seven in a row twice ..

It’s kind of annoying because I got up to 27 in a row with my old rope but my shoulders would blow up like boulders (which does look good) because the rope was heavy .. I seem to be always going two steps backwards to move one step forward.

I guess that wiggly arrow drawing I see all over the internet is the story of my life ..

Oh well whats a few more scars between friends.  It’s a great excuse to wear long socks and we all know how I love my socks!

Till next time

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