PS It’s not a diet

Last Sunday I challenged “the boy” to eat Paleo for 30 days.

I mentioned in my last blog post that I expected him to last half a day, well I’ve got to put my hand up and admit “I was wrong”, he apparently has more willpower than I’ve even given him credit for (guess he’s just never had to use it before). 😉

So apart from Day 1 when there was the slight mishap with his coffee choice;

And Day 2 when he innocently ate peas (because heck peas are green, they’ve got to be good for you right?) he’s been sticking to the plan and even sat in the same room as an entire slab of caramel slice and didn’t eat any.

If you have ever tasted my Mum’s “secret recipe” you will understand just how hard that was for him.

When people find out that J is currently doing a Paleo challenge, most of them say “He doesn’t look like he needs to eat Paleo” and they are right, he doesn’t and considering he’s already down a kilo and his abs are back he’d be justified in saying “I’ve had enough of this – give me back my bread”.

However, I was more curious if he would feel better within himself if he swapped over to a Paleo diet, I always feel great when I stick to the Paleo way of eating and I notice a difference straight away when I eat grains (and not for the better)


So far every time I ask him “how are you feeling” or “do you notice any difference?” his reply is a stock standard “I feel hungry”

Bless him.

Till next time



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