I am a quitter!

Last week after successfully completing the “don’t eat every f**king thing in sight cleanse”, I decided that I’d up the anti and attempt to go a week without refined sugar.

Mostly I was just curious to see if I could go a week without sugar AND if I could do it, would I feel or look any different because of it?

Now I understand in the scheme of things that a week is not a long time and since I’d only actually planned on going 6 days instead of an ACTUAL week I probably wasn’t going to get the full effect/benefits of quitting sugar.

However in my humble opinion a Sunday family dinner is just not complete without a helping (or two) of dessert, so I figured 6 days no sugar was better than none .. right?

I will state that I’m not a huge sugar fiend to start with and although I had fallen into the trap of eating lollies on a daily basis just because they were there when I decided to go without sugar it wasn’t that hard to stop myself from making the daily trek up to Mum’s lolly cupboard, although I do have to admit that the day Mum baked caramel slice and the smell came wafting downstairs – well that day it was much harder to go to my own kitchen and find something more “nutritious” to eat.

So .. I did it, I’m officially a quitter –

Did I feel different? Well apart from hungry, not really.  Do I look different? Well I guess, if I tilt my head and squint. 😉

But it’s not about that right?  It’s deciding to do something and then seeing it through!

Till next time





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