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It’s funny how the festive season seems to stay with you WELL into January.

Mine seems to be stuck on my hips and arse …

My husband however is one of the “lucky ones” he can eat whatever he likes while maintaining his status quo. Sure he may overindulge at times and put on a kilo or two but he’ll refrain from eating what the kids leave on their plates for a single day and he’s suddenly 3 kilos lighter!

I on the other hand am not quite so lucky ..

Suffice to say J’s eating habits are not the most desirable although (as men go) he’s cheap to feed. All it takes is a large tin of tuna, a loaf of bread, 8 tins of bake beans, a block of cheese and some oats – simple.

So I decided that since I was not having much luck getting back into a routine on my lonesome that I would enlist J’s help after all he’d been really supportive during my attempt to run on the weekend I just had to think of a way to get him to agree to try Paleo and give up his bread, bake beans, cheese and oats. However on the positive side he could keep his tuna. #bonus

Then on Sunday I had an eureka moment ..

Me – Dove ..
J – Yeah?
Me – Want to do a Paleo Challenge?
J – Ummm sure ..

Issue a male a challenge and he’ll puff up like a rooster and tackle it head on! Don’t you love the way men are such simple creatures. 😉

I did *slightly* expect him to last till lunchtime on Monday, but he’s tackling the “challenge” head on (with a few minor hiccups) and on Day 3 it seems as though things are on track ..

Grumble grumble – boys and their fast metabolisms grumble grumble ..

I am however very proud of him! <3

Till next time



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