WTF Wednesday

Today’s blog topic is not actually representative of my mood today.

You know how sometimes you just have an AMAZING training session that leaves you feeling dead, but fantastic?

Well I had one of those today!

I know I definitely worked out and I’m literally counting down the minutes till I can get home and roll out the trillion knots I have in my legs and feet (and shoulders and back) but I’ve felt on top of the world today.


But even in my good mood I couldn’t help but think #wtf when I read this article in the Herald

In a nut shell if you can’t be arsed clicking on the link and reading the article it outlines how a polocross player was originally granted name suppression and discharged without conviction after she was caught driving with TWICE the legal breath alcohol limit on the basis it could impede her ability to compete overseas.

The police appealed and the judgment was overturned and now aforementioned polocross player is according to her defense lawyer “very disappointed and very upset”. He continues, “It will have real consequences against her career. She won’t be able to travel and she competes in this sport, and travel is very important to her, to get to Canada and those types of places.”

Again .. #wtf???

I don’t recall there being an amendment to the drink driving laws that exempted people that played a sport.

No wonder males train their entire lives with the hope to one day wear the silver fern on their chest – you apparently become above the laws in the land, because you know, you have to travel.

I then wonder how long we are expected to allow these “special” people to not be accountable for their actions?

Is it only if they are currently competing? Or is it a life long thing?

Like I said #wtf??

And if that wasn’t enough for me to think this particular polocross player obviously fell from her horse and banged her hear the article goes on to say that she was originally granted leniency because she successfully argued …

Wait for it ..

It was rare for a Maori woman from a poor upbringing to excel in sport.

OMG not only was she poor once BUT she was Maori too? AND she managed to Excel?? Far out!

Who would have thought such a thing could happen!?!?!

Some things make you go hmmmmmmmm and other things make you want to slam your head into a wall.

Till next time

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