Can Do Will Do

After my first session back at Ludus in quite some time yesterday I was more “wrecked” than normal, which is to be expected.  However I still had a 45 minute run session to complete.

Those of you who know me understand I like running about as much as I like burpees which isn’t a hell of a lot! So I was a little worried about;

  • The fact that I was going home first to get changed for this run (huge temptation to just sit on my arse in front of the tv instead – you know, to rest and recover and stuff)
  • The fact that I decided I would run from home which involves hills whichever way I turn – long hills – correction long steep hills.

But I got changed (yay), avoided any kidlets seeing me (if you have kidlets you will understand how hard it is to get out of the door once they spy you) and hit the road.

I decided to go in the direction that let me run downhill first to warm up then had the hills through the middle section and the homeward leg is pretty much flat.  Which was great in theory until I hit the hill section, then the little person in my ear repeatedly told me that I was going too slow *umm no kidding can you shut the fark up, I’m trying not to die right at this minute*  So note to self – turn the little person in my ear off next time 😉

Oh and I suppose you’ve guessed by now I didn’t die …

Lucky I’ve got a big heart because my legs have absolutely no stamina yet!

Right as promised I am FINALLY getting around to answering some of your questions .. I guess Tuesday is a good a day as any ..

Unsurprisingly most of them seem to be curious about my new endeavor to be a half an iron person. Since I am only just starting out on this journey some of the questions are in the “I have no idea is there a multi choice answer?” pile and I will come back to those as I can.

But I will start out with the ones I can answer …

This is actually harder to answer than you realise because I don’t like any of them so far so I guess I would have to pick my least hated one which is still pretty hard.

I probably would have said cycling without any hesitation until I fell off my bike in the weekend (and then had to run with blood pouriing down my leg cause it was a brick session) But even then at a pinch it would still be cycling.

So far – no.

But since Im only in my third week of training to become a half an iron person this may change, I will keep you up to date.

You REALLY don’t want to know .. 😉

It’s time to get a shuffle on, its nearly lunchtime and today it’s gonna take me some time to hobble across the office to the kitchen ..

Till next time

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2 Responses

  1. Deborah says:

    Hmm i want to know now how many calories a day you are on?!

  2. feminine fitness says:

    Well its about what I would be on if I was competing not much 😉

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