Darkness falls across the land

Well to be fair darkness hadn’t even lifted when the goblins, ghouls, devils and even some scary crossfitters graced the arena with their presence.

Yep its Halloween in the house of Ludus (and yes we will use any reason to dress up)

And as you can see from the pic the epic adventurers (and David, he left before the photo) were crossfit competitors – those people are scary! 😉

There were three workouts written on the board and you got to select with one/s you did.

I went for the “Friday the 13th” WOD which was an inverse ladder 13-1 (as seen below)

I planned to finish this in it’s entirety. I’m not sure if the WOD’s are getting stupidly harder or I’m really feeling the extra kgs I put on in Australia thanks to an overload of dessert and no exercise, but whatever the reason I have not finished a WOD in like .. ages.

Thankfully I don’t actually start work till nine so I technically have at least two hours of workout time before I have to get cleaned up, changed and in the car even I can complete a 13-1 in two hours … 😉

And with “this” in charge, I wasn’t gonna slack off!

I managed to finish at 7 am which is when a session usually ends anyway so I was quite pleased. Anna and Iz who also started on this workout had moved onto their second choice by the time I had finished .. every group needs an underachiever .. 😉

Anyway here are some highlights of the class ..

T Push-Ups


KB crunches

And ALL crossfitters do handstands .. right?

Till next time
Happy Halloween!

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