It’s like brushing your teeth

Let’s face it, it’s not THAT hard to eat clean(er) and exercise regularly, after all most of us have done it – more than once! The trouble is, sticking to it.

For me, exercise is as intrinsic as brushing my teeth, in fact I have a harder time NOT doing some form of exercise each day.

Making “better” food choices on the other hand ..

Now to be fair, although I have been frustrated about not being able to fit a good portion of my wardrobe and as such have “wanted” to lean up for sometime now I haven’t wanted it so much that I’d forgo eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted (and even at times when I didn’t even really want it), to knuckle down and really put some effort into changing my eating habits until I signed up for the Ludus Transformation Challenge nearly eights week ago.

From day one I went back to a paleo based diet (as it’s what has always worked for me in the past without making me a hangry (and horrible) Mum and Wife) and for the first five weeks I was completely and utterly strict, cutting out anything that would be considered a treat – paleo or not.

After the mid point weigh in I loosened up a little BUT because eating better had now become a habit I found myself making much better choices and as such although I haven’t stood on the scales since the five week mark (so have no idea what I weigh) I’m fitting into things I haven’t fit into in a long time AND I’m generally feeling better within myself. I frown much less these days when I look in a full length mirror and people who have known me for a long time have commented that “I (now) look like the Julia they know”.

Good Habits are just as addictive as bad habits – but far more rewarding. Go make some!

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