Week Seven! (Albiet a little late)

My bad .. it’s been a pretty hectic week/end!

Spending time with the kids (my baby is learning how to skateboard and Isabelle has started back and hula hoop classes), keeping active (all seven days of the week this month as I’ve signed up to attend the School of Hard Knox “Sober October” bootcamps) and house hunting (if anyone knows of a warm/dry 6 bedroom house in the Westgate area, let me know) all while trying not to eat EVERYTHING in sight … 😉

Week six and seven although were good training wise weren’t anywhere near as clean food wise as the first five weeks were. Week six I was in somewhat of a slump because in my opinion my half way measurements were shite so obviously ice cream was in order because ice cream makes everything better (well except the way your arse fits into shorts – but I digress) and then I just couldn’t really get my groove back.


I’ve gone into week eight refocused and with my eye on a renewed prize – all those clothes that haven’t fit in years are just cm’s away from buttoning up! It wold be like the coolest shopping spree ever, because well – it’s free! It’s the simple things ..

My measurements were pretty much the same as last week, which isn’t really surprising as I had somewhat of a lack lustre week. 

School holidays may be fun for the kids, but golly gee they are draining for everyone else involved.  Although I hate school pick ups with a passion it’s 100% worth it for the earlier bedtimes. 😉

Till next time





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