At the end of September I saw the following status posted by the School of Hard Knox on their Facebook page;

“School Of Hard Knox in association with City Boxing and Feel Good Happy Days are offering you all the incentive you need to go through October without sipping on the devil’s nectar!

A revolutionary idea where you don’t have to pay for training, if you turn up. An attended training costs you nothing, a missed training costs you $10.

We will be incorporating boxing, strength & conditioning indoors with outdoor park sessions and a couple of group tramps. Training’s are on each Saturday and Sunday of the month of October which amounts to 9 sessions.

Don’t roll into another summer wishing you had put in some hard yards before-hand, do it now!!”

(Apparently there is a month for everything these days!) After some investigation I found out that October is the month where you pick something you want to stop and well, stop doing it. So although I don’t drink, which makes Sober October pretty easy I decided that I could “stop” being fat and unfit and this was just the opportunity to do that. Thank you School of Hard Knox! An added bonus is that this is the perfect way for me to keep focused for the final weeks of the Ludus Transformation Challenge as I could definately feel the “love” waning AND since it’s on the weekends James could join me. #winwin

After a slight hiccup for our first session – in that most of our group were confused about “rain or shine” meaning turn up regardless of the weather conditions. This is the School of HARD Knox! You’ll be drenched in sweat in a few minutes anyway, so I for one didn’t see what the fuss about, but I digress – the session was postponed until later on the in the day (indoors). 

James and I didn’t attend that session as we had organised for Mum and Dad to look after the kids that morning so we just went for a walk along the waterfront (and didn’t pay $10 for no showing as we had showed up “rain or shine” as originally instructed).

Sunday was our first official session and it started with a fitness test so that we could make two evenly matched teams.  Rather surprisingly (to me),  I finished near the front of the pack but as James and I finished 2nd and 3rd we were put into different teams – which I guess is ok as it gave me someone to talk smack with.  Unfortunately my smack talking skills are far superior to the ball handling skills required for the team games.

Yes yes, I know what your all thinking – I hate team games and my team lost so now I hate team games even more .. 😉

Go the Sober Rovers!

Till next time





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