How’s your challenge going?

People who see me quite regularly often ask “how’s is your challenge going?”

I guess it’s because they see me quite regularly because the people who haven’t seen me in sometime are the ones who exclaim “Whoah, you’re looking trim! Are you doing the transformation challenge?”

I answer the latter with “thank you – yep I’m doing the challenge”, the former I usually just reply (kind of quizzically) with “good – I guess … ” then wonder if maybe it’s not going as good as I first imagined if people are asking – maybe I don’t look as different as I think I do …

Although it’s probably not even an actual question, it’s probably more people just trying to make small talk, but still it makes me wonder – after all, I thought I kicked the first half of the challenge in the arse and we all know how that went.  After that reality check I’ve decided to use other measures of success other than how much body fat I’m carrying (because that’s just depressing) and what better measure of how well my challenge is going than fitting clothes that you haven’t been able to pull over your once ampler arse.  #winning

And since this is “technically”an update post here are this weeks pics

Till next time





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