You have to work for it, but its worth it!

That delectable looking baking is home made caramel slice and it tastes as good as it looks it’s the one thing that I can not have in my cupboard because it won’t stay there, it will take up residence on my hips, arse and thighs 😉

Although I can bake it – I tend to ask my Mum to make it because;

A) EVERYTHING tastes better when someone else makes it

B) She’s a way better baker than I am – although I do make better muffins.

C) I’m too busy jumping on boxes and other such stuff to have time. 😉

“My” caramel slice is world famous amongst my friends and before I found out I actually enjoy running it was the one thing that I would actually run for .. and it still is !

As Ludus Magnus are holding a “Ludus Marathon” next Tuesday – yes the same thing that Izzy and I did earlier in the year, except its 5 Ludus sessions and 1 Yoga session – Izzy and I are hardcore and did 6 straight Ludus sessions.

I’ve told Team Epic Adventurers that I will provide freshly baked caramel goodness that day because unless you are Joe Naufahu and can eat anything you want and look like a greek good you need to actually burn a fair few calories to make up for the goodness that is caramel slice and the marathon is just the excuse to enjoy a little!

Just because you are not on Team Epic Adventurer does not mean that you should miss out, so here is the deal – I’ll let someone win some (You do have to live in NZ though)!

This morning I did an AMAZING workout in the Arena courtesy of Phil basically it was 5 exercises and you had one minute to finish each exercise, if you didn’t finish an exercise you have an extra minute at the end to finish up what you had missed.

One set I finished in the allotted five minutes so I got to rest for the sixth minute.

Two sets I needed the six minute to complete everything AND

Two sets I couldn’t complete even with the extra minute.

All you have to do is comment below on which set I finished without the extra time and which two sets I didn’t finish.

I’ll pick a random winner from the correct answers. Who’s keen to give it a go??

Till next time

PS If it helps ..

  1. I started on set 1 and finished on set 5
  2. In set one I did plyo (clapping) pushups and used a 25kg sandbag for thrusts and squats
  3. In set three I did 16kg kb swings, handstand pushups, 8kg presses and 10kg renegade rows
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7 Responses

  1. Deborah says:

    i reckon you did the first in 5 and the 4th one you couldnt finish at all.. as for the rest i dont know… oh and i dont need caramel choc slice in my house either thank you! 🙂
    I imagine you did 3 in the 6 mins too. But this is just guessing and basing it on the fact i know you have just started doing box jumps again you seem to be the burpee queen! Cause i really have no idea what half of those things are! Eeek!

  2. Jane says:

    You finished 3 and didnt finish 1 and 4? 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    Ok so I think you completed set 2 without the extra time and you didnt finish set 1 & 4?

  4. Os says:

    I think you completed 1 but didn’t finish 3 and 4… and yes, I am very motivated by caramel slice.

  5. Donloree says:

    DARN, I need to move to NZ!

  6. Deborah says:

    Okay so you going to tell us?

  7. feminine fitness says:

    LOL – well no one was correct.

    I finished set III and got no where near finishing IV or V (the rope climbs and the monkey crawls were my undoing).

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