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78.2 kgs (with AF)

While I was on maternity leave I started catching episodes of The Biggest Loser (The couples edition) and after a few weeks I actually really started to enjoy watching it, I found it really inspirational to see these people working so hard and showing such sheer determination.

Now that Im back at work, I set sky up to record every episode and I sit down on Saturday afternoon and I watch the whole weeks worth, while bawling my eyes out. Its so amazing to see how far these people have come in such a short space of time and although I doubt I can lose 42 kgs in 12 weeks (especially since I dont have that much weight to lose), I still find watching it spurs me on! Today I even jumped on the spin bike and did hill intervals because thats what the people on the Biggest Loser did today.

I’ve been pretty tired this week and each morning it was just that bit harder to drag my butt out of bed and head down to the gym, but Im proud to say that I did get there every single morning!

My weight training has been going ok, the leg workout that killed me last week didnt kill me this week, so thats awesome, although I was really tired, so Im going to have a “high carb” day on Tuesday next week to see if that helps me a little more. My weights havent gone up as such, but I think im definately able to do more than I used to be able too.

My eating has been good. No blow outs. My carb intake has been lower this week just as a trial, I think thats why this week was harder than normal. So I might try and have a play with that this coming week, maybe one low day, then one high day as opposed to the two low one high that I tried this week.

Mood wise Ive been tetchy but not too bad (IYKWIM) .. at night I can be pretty short tempered especially if Im hungry, but then again, thats just my normal mood when hungry.

And onto some good news….I took my measurements and it looks like im down in all areas by about 5cm!! Just have to keep things in check over Christmas so that when I see Miss Jo on the 30th my numbers are good.

On a bummer note, my life fitness treadmill wouldnt fit in Dads van, so know I have to wait till Fitness Works can deliver it .. I hate waiting lol.

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