Bigger isn’t necessarily better, but sometimes it helps

The weekend came, kicked my arse then vanished again .. 😉

Friday night in the arena we held a fundraising bbq for Anamata to help him get to Germany with the U21 basketball team. For me to get home from work I have to drive past the arena so it made more sense to go to Ludus straight after work, do the afternoon session and then stay on for the fundraiser.

The only thing was – Friday mornings session was a HUGE one.  I mean not even Joe or Monty finished and those two are machines!  So what hope did us mere mortals have 😉

At the Friday morning session I managed to get about 10 bag burpees done in the 20’s set, so close but yet still so far ..

AND Friday afternoon it was going to be the same session .. some of us are just suckers for punishment. I felt slightly better in that Anna, Sally and Joe were doing double sessions AND Joe had shortened the crawl lengths so at least I had a chance of finishing this time around!

Anyway I did finish the set, just behind the boys, I even climbed the rope without using my legs (yeah baby) and the fundraiser was a huge success (yay).

Then Saturday it was back to the Arena, this time accompanied by my “better half” (or at least “fitter half”) to knock out the Saturday morning session then support the Shave for a Cure Fundraiser

Many Ludians stepped up to mark (well chair in this instance) and shaved off their locks for the cause – even my James traded in his boy band cut for a more military inspired look.

Ludus raised $2k – so proud!

And then it was Sunday Run Day. James and I were running the Whenuapai Half, although it was only James doing the half I was attempting the 10k. I strapped up my knee, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

I had absolutely no time expectations all I wanted to do was run and hopefully pain free(ish) I would have been ecstatic with no pain, but I obviously knew that wasn’t going to happen so pretty much I was just hoping not to be in tears at the end, that would make the photos really suck.

I was worried when I tried warming up, I felt every step and I knew it wasn’t going to be a comfortable run so I was nervous in the starting shoot.  When the gun went I just moved at a pace where my knee grumped a little  but didn’t scream and after about 1k it seemed to warm up and settle down.

I was surprised to see I wasn’t that far off my normal pace (not that my normal pace is speedy).  I can usually hold anywhere between a 5:50 and 6:00 pace and I was running at a 6:05 to 6:10 so I was quite chuffed.

At the 8k mark it was sore – really sore and I slowed down significantly but I got to the end without tears ..

I ran on heart so luckily I have a big one!

On a positive note after icing the knee like a good girl it recovered really quickly and by late afternoon it was like I hadn’t run at all and after visiting the physio this morning he is really pleased with how it went and I’m allowed to run – not really long distances, but I’ll take it .. cup half full and all that jazz 😉

Till next time

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  1. Anouska says:

    Wow on the 2k raised!! Awesome stuff. My gym raised over 6K, stoked!

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