Since you asked

Firstly as you can see I’ve been “otherwise occupied” and I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I used too.

Some days there is no blog post because I am actually “otherwise occupied” by things such as making a living, breaking up wrestling matches between kidlets, wiping tears (sometimes the kidlets, sometimes my own) and some days there is no blog post because I don’t really have anything to report.

My life isn’t as exciting as I sometimes make it out to be 😉

But I thought I should make a conscious effort to answer some of the questions you ask me since you take the time to read my posts then take more time out of your day to contact me.

So here we go ..

I’ll start with an easy one.

Firstly thank you! Do you have a BFF because you can totally be mine if you like 😉

Secondly (and I guess more importantly to you), no I’m not weight training. Heck I haven’t set foot in a gym in months and the last time I went it was because it was pouring down and I wanted to use a treadmill lol.

If you look back through the blog I’ve pretty much always had “those arms” so I guess I’m just doing enough at Ludus to maintain them and the running is leaning me out so you can see them better.

Hit me up about the BFF thing though … 😉

Run outside.

It takes more effort to run outside so you get quicker/stronger/fitter much more quickly if you run outside than if you run on a treadmill.  It’s also a lot less boring!

Apart from look cute and keep my legs warm? No.

Although I do have pink 2xu compression socks that do have a purpose other than look cute. 🙂

My latest “idea” is that I will leave it up to fate.

I’ll be online and ready to enter the Port of Tauranga Half the day entries open.  If I snare an place it was meant to be, if not then I guess I am destined for other things.

All that and much much more my friend!

The other night at the Fundraiser event we were talking about endurance events.   Joe suggested the Ludus Endurance Test which would be to complete every session held in a one day.   So that would be six sessions 6am 7.15am 10.30am 12.30pm 5.30pm 6.45pm I’m seriously considering giving it a go one day. 😉

Till next time

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