Plodding along

Down nearly a kg this week so tracking along nicely!

Had a burger fuel burger for dinner on Saturday, so did an extra run Sunday morning .. the weather was foul anyway, so there was no way I was going out for a road ride, so a run at the gym it was.

Oh my exciting news this week is I won a Life Fitness treadmill on Trade Me! Can pick it up on Saturday, cant wait .. so excited! It is my Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary pressie’s for the next five years lol.

It was my first week back at work fulltime, it was pretty hard, the first few days I was shattered, but as the week progressed my body and mind got used to being “used” again, hopefully next week is less tiring.

Did not swim or bike this week, but got all my weight training and cardio in and thats the most important thing. I figure I can wing the triathlon, its not my goal as such but it will be a nice way to do something different that will still enable me to do cardio.

Not much else to add really, so I will say goodbye for now xox

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