So far so good

The weekly weigh in shows im still on track to compete in June . I’m a kilo lighter and I think I could be even fitter (shock horror!)

I’ve had a good week both training and food wise, even when I had some friends over for a playdate on Saturday and there was loads of yummy food I didn’t touch it, knowing that I won’t get to my goal on time if i don’t stay true to myself.

I got up early every morning except Monday, I ran on the treadmill Tuesday and Thursday, did legs Wednesday and cardio on Friday and this morning (Saturday) I went for my weekly pilgrimage to the stadium, I was in a hurry as Dad was coming to pick up James to go and pick up the sunbed, so I had to cut the stair run short, I did six runs, but no break, so probably harder than the three sets of three I usually do – oh and I ran four flights this week!

My pm training was also good, trying to lift heavier and concentrate on my weaker body parts (triceps and legs. by fitting them in twice a week. The first tricep workout killed them so much I couldnt even think about training them again till Friday, so I had to rejig the training schedule just a little this week, but I did get everything done. I found shoulders particularly hard on Wednesday night, not sure if it was just a hump day thing, or if I was running on low that day, will see this week.

Overall things are going well .. I started L Carnitine this week too, so that may be helping my weight loss, was a tad pissed off though as all week I was weighing in at 78.something, but on the Friday which is my official weigh in I was 79.4, but thats a kilo lower than last week, so can’t complain!

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