You need rain before you can see a rainbow

I’ve recovered from my my mini meltdown of last Saturday and got back up on the “horse” on Monday when I went out for a ride around Cornwall Park with Maureen.

I felt a BILLION times better after that session and went home with a new determination just to trust myself.

As my friend Amy reminded me (right when I needed it most)

“the most wonderful days would be nothing

without the bad days”

My coach Annette applauded me for going out running on that day – the self proclaimed hater of all things running actually chose to go out and run.

Which I guess if you look at it like that is an “ooo yay” kind of event.  I had just looked at it like “I failed at every other event I can’t fail at all three” – yep even I have an inner pessimist,  I just try and drown out her calls most of the time.  Kind of like when I’m trying to watch the news and I somehow block out the tantruming toddler at my feet because she wants to watch the Disney channel. 😉

So that was obviously the rain, I was due a rainbow .. right?

Well you see those shorts up there ^ I shouldnt be able to fit my arse into those. I wore them to Disneyland last year. Note the word TO not the word FROM because I could barely squeeze my waffle filled waistline into them on the way to the UK let alone after that portion of the trip (Sainburys do muffins “to die for” by the way)

Anyway I digress (that happens when I think about muffins) I saw my nutritionist yesterday and I’ve dropped 3 kilos in the past 2 weeks .. all fat .. no muscle .. oh I could learn to love running (or at least like it a little).

And the extra special fairy dust sprinkle added bonus of the week?  I get to drink bubbles with some girlfriends tonight and then oogle this fine specimen of a man … (and yes he is a repeat WW recipient – but he is THAT Gawd Dam Fine!)

Channing Tatum – I think words from here on in are superfluous 😉




And you know he IS a dancer, so I’m thinking he “moves well” too … thankfully we will all be able to check out just how well Mr Tatum can move in his upcoming movie (which is going to be the swoon fest movie of the year!) Magic Mike.

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3

And yep that is Matthew McConaughey in the center of the photo – he’s not my cup of tea (or coffee actually I prefer coffee) but I can’t deny he has a great set of abs.

So now I have brightened up your day with that nice ray of sunshine I will depart and forage for food … 🙂

Till next time

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    Oh Julia, you make me laugh!! I love you.

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