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I’ve always known that I have an “all or nothing” personality especially when it comes to any sporting endeavor ..

Suffice to say, although I’ve never excelled at any particular sport (well bar squash, I did pretty good at that), it has never stopped me from spending both a a tonne of time and money on whatever is my latest “flight of fancy”

The year I did triathlon’s I bought a road bike had a bike fitting, engaged someone to teach me how to ride while attached to the pedals, had swimming lessons and employed an online coach who looked after my training schedule.

Then when I dabbled in crossfit I had a coach, outfitted myself in flat soled shoes (in every color), went to mobility classes and practiced all the shite I was useless at way too often. I purchased a customised skipping rope, weight lifting shoes, a lacrosse ball and knee sleeves heck, I even custom made a weight lifting belt!

It was during my crossfit years that I decided that I needed to stop being so regimented and let my hair down a little. If I had to guess it probably had a lot to do with practising all the shite I was useless at way too often – do you know how depressing it is to do stuff you are shite at over and over and over again? ..

Believe me – it’s REALLY shite.

It was then that I wrote this blog post

I’ve always lived somewhat of an all or nothing existence ..

When I was a bodybuilder every minute of every day was planned and I followed a schedule. I knew what to eat and when to eat it. Every rep of every exercise I was to perform was outlined along with how many hours of cardio I would endure each day. Not only was I a bodybuilder but all my friends were bodybuilders because I basically spent every waking hour amongst them.

Then as time went on and my interest waned in one activity I’d simply replace one obsession with another ..

Because it’s got to be all or nothing .. right?

Well my friends it may have taken me 42 and a bit years BUT I’m finally going to stand my ground and state;

I still stand by that advice and even now I’m doing things because they make me happy. Sure I still buy ALL “the gear” (and I’m not sure that will ever stop) but I’ve replaced “I have too” with “I want too”

Which isn’t that hard when your treadmill looks like this ..

Live the life you love!

Till next time





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