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I got an interesting question in yesterday.   Firstly it made me giggle, I can picture just what she goes through, thankfully I have perfected my *don’t disturb* look 😉



If I’m completely honest;  I collect gym memberships like I “collect” shoes.  I mean you can’t wear the same pair of shoes day in day out 😉

First on the list would be Club Physical.


I’ve been at this gym since before puberty, well that may be a slight exaggeration, but it was around before either of my husbands so that’s a good 20 or so years!

I train mostly at Te Atatu, when I walk in, it feels like home.  The staff all know me by name and some of them have even been around long enough to have watched me grow up!  I recall when I joined I was an overweight teenager, I walked through the carpark and thought to myself “hey I’m not the fattest person here” .. It was love at first sight 😉

In the shoe world, Club Physical would be my squishy comfortable pink fluffy slippers.


Comfy and familiar


Next on the list would be Wolfs Gym.


My trainer moved to Wolfs Gym.   Where Jo goes, I follow.  So that is how my “relationship” with Wolfs Gym started.  I’ll be frank, its a boys gym.  The membership is probably 95% men, of those 95% 90% of them are bodybuilders, powerlifters, league or rugby players.  So it makes for some nice scenery.

There are however none of the “frills” that you find at gyms that are catering to the womens market.  There are no aerobics classes (not that I would do them), there is no sauna or steam .. hell the showers wont even stay on by themselves, you have to keep pushing a stupid button every 2 minutes and don’t get me started on the non existent benches in the changing rooms to put your stuff on while you get changed.  On a plus side, they have the only stairmasters in Auckland (maybe even NZ) and the gear is all brand spanking new (if a little dirty, because boys don’t clean stuff)!

BUT as I said .. my trainer is there, so there I go.  Wolfs I would call a pair of flat black shoes.  A necessity rather than an indulgence.


Shiny, new .. but bought out of necessity instead of want.

Next on my list is Ludus Magnus.

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I am a recent convert to all this Ludus Magnus!  If you havent been following (and why the hell havent you been?) Ludus Magnus is run from a warehouse in Newton where you do Spartan Training.   I have had friends rave about it, so I thought I would finally give it a go .. It was honestly lust at first go!  I love the way it makes me feel (and the scenery isnt bad there either)!

Ludus Magnus is without a shadow of a doubt a pair of kick arse Lara Croft style boots.


No nonsence kick arse shoes


To round out my collection we have Les Mills.

Les Mills is my extravagance.  They haven’t even opened the branch I have joined up at yet lol.  But its less than five minutes away from work so it will come in handy for those days I’m way too sore to jump up onto a platform or lug at tyre at Ludus Magnus and I need to get my early morning cardio done.  I don’t need this membership it just comes in handy hence the *extravagance*

I will say, Les Mills is well known for being the “biggest and best” and its also known as the “beautiful peoples” gym.  I belonged to Les Mills in the central city a few years back when I lived in town.  James loved it, I thought it was set out kind of random, but we both never felt “unworthy” so I don’t think people apprehensions are founded.  The instructors are smoking hot however!  Man oh man, if I looked like that by just doing aerobics, i’d be shaking my bootie too!

In the shoe kingdom Les Mills would be Louboutin heels.

A feast for the eyes


So pretty much I can train where I feel like on the day.  Club Physical (and Les Mills) allow you to train at a number of branches within their chain.  I do have to admit, Ive trained at Club Physicals Westgate branch a number of times because its the closest to my home .. but I hate it.  People stare at you (think of being the new kid in school) and the gear isnt maintained so it sticks.  But at least I have the option 🙂

Well its the weekend eve and this weekend is going to be an active one!  Ive got a Ludus Magnus session in the morning and James is doing an 11k fun run on Sunday, but we are having  date night!  Yay!  We are off to see I Am Number Four, I saw the previews when we went to see Black Swan, it looks good!  Thankfully its dark in the cinema and I wont have to watch everyone eat their treats. 😉

Till next time (when it shall be bikini photo time)

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4 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    I love how you incorporated the shoes, that’s too cute. I also love that you have so many choices, then you never get bored with the same old place and people and things. Have a great date night =)

  2. Amelia says:

    After stumbling across your weight loss blog, and having a read through, I am inspired by your motivation and dedication to loosing weight and getting fit. So today, after having a baby 6 months ago, I went for my first run. (came back with chafe and all) I have a lot of weight to loose and will check up regularly on your blog for inspiration when I feel like being a fat blob and eating chips and chocolate on the couch…..

  3. feminine fitness says:

    Go you! All it takes is the first step, and you have taken it .. keep in touch, id love to know how you are going 🙂

  4. Donloree says:

    lol!! I love all the shoes! What competitor doesn’t need more shoes? 😉
    Thanks for making me smile. You rock!

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