Date Night Cardio and Compliments

*in the background the music plays .. “its a Saturday, its a Saturday”* (thats just to get you in the mood) 😉

So Saturday starts out with a hiss and a roar Ludus Magnus style!  This mornings session was 10-1’s, if you don’t know what that is, I’ll let you find out the hard way one day 😉

Then it was run after kidlets at the park (where my baby managed to get bowled over by some stupid teens on a wheelchair swing, but thats another story) watch them eat a scrumptious picnic then home to put them down for a nap.

Back to Mummy time and I had a quick lunch (egg white omlette) then headed to the gym to get my second leg workout in before my “big” date night with James.  It was here I got my compliment of the week.   I’m doing deadlifts (with 20 kgs a side .. go me!) when one of those people who you know their face, but not their names sets up on the machine behind me.  I will call him random gym guy.  So I finish my last set (thank goodness, I hate bending over in front of strange men) lol and random guy catches my eye and says;

I guess only a figure girl thinks it’s a compliment for someone to say you look bigger than the last time they saw you 🙂

Anyway as I mentioned earlier, James and I had some Mummy and Daddy time and we left the kidlets with contented bellies with their grandparents and headed off to the cinema.  James had picked the movie “I Am Number Four”.  Because we had gone to an early session so we could be home to put the kidlets down the cinema was pretty empty, but the popcorn smell still gave me wicked cravings!  I settled for a real coffee … which kept my cravings at bay.

After a couple of hours of escapism, it was time to head back to the real world and deal with the kidlets bedtime “dramas” and then get in some date night cardio .. and before you all get “excited”, date night cardio consisted of …..

Me, my garage full of cardio equipment and the television .. *sigh* … I really must be getting old!

Till next time (when I’m going to do a pullup progress update)

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  1. Donloree says:

    BEST compliment EVER. I love those kinds of things. Woot! You go girl. 🙂

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