Wise lil birdie

A little “birdie” last night reminded me what is important in life and with that in mind I have given away any thoughts of competing this year.

At least I have all my supplies ready for next year .. right? 😉   I have a new bikini, new shoes, bottles of tan … heck the treat box is even sitting ready to go!  (Yes its still up on the top shelf at work untouched) J

So the plan is to slow down for the rest of the year and “smell the roses”.  To spend unfettered time with my family and just enjoy their company without worrying how I’m going to fit in my training, or being with them in body, but thinking; “shit I really need to go for a run, prepare food etc etc etc”

Thankfully most of my routine will remain unchanged.  I will still be up at stupid o’clock for training because that’s when I can fit it in around my family commitments, but the twice, sometimes three times a day training is definitely out the window (for now anyway).

So, now I’m training to maintain, that way next year’s competition prep will be easier (and hopefully less rocky).  Also its nearly beach season … I’m going to be one of those yummy mummies I looked at last year thinking, “I’m going to look like that next year” .. and I do!

Mum said last night “Lets just get our family through this year and then we can all be sitting in the front row next year watching you on stage” and you know what?  I can’t wait!

Till next time

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2 Responses

  1. Jenny Nash says:

    good on you julia!

  2. Verena says:

    Good for you Julia, sometimes those wise birdies have the best advice. Sending you and your family loads of positive vibes x

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